The Election Day for the New President and Vice-President of the Student Council

Monday 12th  November 2018 was election day in BPK PENABUR Bandar Lampung Junior High School. The students had to vote for the new president and vice-president of the Student Council.

What is OSIS?

OSIS is the means by which students in the High School can be most easily involved in Leadership in the school. It is similar to a Student Representative Council, consisting of 22 students, including the School Captains, but focuses its efforts largely on organising and running activities to engage fellow students and to support local communities in need.

In the morning of the election day, one by one, the pupils entered the school lobby, now converted into a polling station, completed with a table for the election staffs, a waiting area, a polling booth and a ballot box.

The students came and put their signatures beside their names.  At the table of the election staff they received slips for the candidates. Then they waited their turn before being escorted to the voting booth, where they could make their choice in the utmost privacy.

The candidates campaigned with lots of enthusiasm during recent days. They prepared many creative campaign posters that they placed all over the school. All the candidates were promoting peaceful values, showing their willingness to contribute to improving the life our their fellows during the school year.

The candidates for president were from the 8th  graders and the candidates for vice-president were from the 7th  graders. In addition to choosing a president and vice president, the students had to vote for council members for each class.

When all the votes were counted, Karen declared the winner. Niko Albertvito and Sheva Wijaya were chosen as the new President and Vice President of the Student Council. Congratulation for both of you…